Vacancy Announcement

A pioneering company working in the fields of trading, manufacturing, construction and medicines is seeking qualified and professional employees to occupy the positions mentioned below through the following conditions:

  • The candidate must have a university degree in the same vacancy field.
  • To be a Yemeni national.
  • To have a good command of English language (writing and speaking).
  • To have a 5 year experience in business correspondence, tenders and contracts, (for the business correspondence positions.)
  • To have a 10 year experience in the field of marketing & sales (for the position of marketing & sales manager).
  • To have a 5 year experience in the field of Information Technology, (for the IT specialist position).

No. of Required employees:

(2) business correspondence employees.

(1) Marketing and sales manager.

(1) Information Technology specialist.

Qualified candidates who seek to occupy the positions above are invited to send their CVs to the following email: